Bees and the new hive

First, I apologize for the late post.  I was tied up with some travel and just now sat back down to update my blog.

On August 1st, I finally moved my nuc of bees into their permanent home.  While I was busy with some work, my wife picked up the hive at the local dealer.  Little did I know instead of picking up a complete hive, she had to pick up about 150 pieces of wood, wax, etc.  Being the ever diligent wife she is, I arrived home to find a fully assembled and painted hive.

Even though I had worked with the bees without any protective clothing, my fear got the better of me for the move.  I just wasn’t too certain I wanted to be moving frames full of bees into a new hive without a little bit of cloth between me and the little stingers.  Problem was, I never purchased any beekeeping clothing.  A look through the closet turned up a pair of long cuff shooting gloves, a bug head net out of my camping equipment, and a couple elastic bands for securing around my wrists and ankles.  I also put on a pair of heavy thermal underwear under my pants and dress shirt.  Too bad my wife didn’t get any full pictures of me, because I am sure I looked very stylish in this makeshift beekeeper suit.  On a 95 degree day I quickly had doubts about wearing long underwear under full pants and a long sleeve shirt, but at least I didn’t get stung.  🙂

Moving the frames over was very easy, thanks in part to the books I read and the Youtube videos I watched.  I made certain I found the queen, looked for new eggs, and inspected each frame.  Everything appeared in order, although at this stage in my beekeeping experience I have no real idea how it was supposed to look.

The bees have been in their new home for about 2 weeks now, and when I go sit at the entrance I see a large amount of activity.  We have also noticed a huge upswing in activity around the garden and the flowers near the hive.  Soon I will buy the next “super” and install it.

Until then, thanks for reading!!

John Grounds



About John Grounds

John Grounds is a strategic consultant living near Indianapolis Indiana.
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