Bees have arrived!!!

My friend dropped of the “Nuc” hive yesterday.  Opened it up to show me some of the frames, got it situated and put some corn syrup in for them to eat.  The drought around here is making it impossible for them to find flowers, so we have to give them a little boost.  I was actually surprised how “tame” they are.  We worked with them in a T-shirt and no protective gear at all.  Other than being curious, they didn’t bother us.  Once we put the syrup in, they were so busy eating they didn’t even fly around.

I have to wait until Monday to get my actual hive.  The store owner’s are out of town helping with an Indian reservation in South Dakota.  Once I get the hive Monday I can move the nuc frames over and put a larger feeder on for them.  I am still a little apprehensive, just because I don’t really want to get stung, but I am feeling a little more comfortable now.  I always tell my kids to face their fears, and there is nothing like opening up a hive of 15,000 bees to get past any apprehension.  🙂

Once I figure out exactly how to post pictures on this blog, I will let you see what we have so far.


John Grounds


About John Grounds

John Grounds is a strategic consultant living near Indianapolis Indiana.
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