New Beekeeper

So I have decided to finally take the plunge into beecoming a beekeeper.  I have always find it interesting, but wasn’t sure where to start.  Luckily I met a new friend who has been a beekeeper for a while, and is willing to help me out.  This next weekend he is delivering a “nuc” to me so I can start my first hive.

I have been reading up, cruising through the Internet forums, and talking to our local bee supply company (I also found out we live 15 minutes from a very nice bee supply shop).  Today we are doing some scouting of exactly where to put it on the property.  My neighbor has fruit trees and decent sized garden, so he is happy with my new endeavor.

Hopefully this works out.  It will be nice to gain a new hobby, and perhaps this is one which will make a couple bucks.  In today’s economic environment I think more people would benefit from growing some of their own food.  Hopefully in a couple months I am still as excited.


John Grounds


About John Grounds

John Grounds is a strategic consultant living near Indianapolis Indiana.
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